Dec 20, 2010

Private ONSEN (Kamado-JIGOKU, BEPPU)

 Private Bath (Kamado-jigoku, Beppu)

Do you know there is a private ONSEN in 'JIGOKU'?
Plenty of people have bathed in Onsen (hot springs) here in Beppu. However, how many people can image bathing in a real JIGOKU?
This is the only place to take bath in a JIGOKU not only taking a look at it.
You can enjoy it at aveilability basis. Fee is included in admission to Kamado JIGOKU (400YEN).

Please remember this is the 'Hell (Jigoku)'. DO NOT wash your hair in this special Onsen.
This hot springs contains amorphous silica.(It might cause difficulty when you comb your hair)

 Entrance of a private Onsen (Kamado-jigoku, Beppu)

 Kamado-jigoku (Beppu)

You can enjoy 'foot bath' as well.

Foot Bath (Kamado-jigoku, Beppu)