Sep 17, 2011


Kaiten-zushi is one of the most popular fast foods in Japan. The system is very unique. In Kaiten-zushi restaurant, you will see the rotating belt conveyor that carries various kind of sushi plates around the tables or counter seats.
Look at the photos below.

You can pick up any one of suchi on the conveyor at your choice. Some kind of desserts such as sweets and fruits will come out. Besides those, you can order some other special plates from the menu if you prefer.

The price of each plate is normally from 100 to 500 yen. Differences of color and pattern of plates indicate the price. Waiter or waitress will make bill based on numbers of respective kind of plates you take.

Can you guess how Kaiten-zushi style started?

It is said that when an owner of sushi bar saw beer bottles moving on a belt conveyor in a beer factory, an idea popped up in his mind. He applied that system to his sushi bar to serve much more customers with the limited space and man power. This business started more than 50 years ago.

There are many Kaiten-zushi restaurants here and there in Beppu like other places in Japan. Although sushi as one of the typical Japanese cuisines is generally considered luxurious, Kaiten-zushi has totally changed that image. It is rather inexpensive way to taste this traditional and popular food of Japan. Some Kaiten-zushi restaurants may serve complimentary miso soup, if you are lucky. Enjoy this unique suchi in Beppu. (AW)