Dec 10, 2012

Beppu Today, Scene of Beppu with Global Tower

  According to the research of foreign tourists who visited Beppu, the nature was one of the things attracts them to Beppu.  Beppu faces the bay and the mountains lay behind it. Yukemuri (or clouds of white steam from sources of hot spring) makes the scenery of Beppu fantastic.
  This morning I drove the route in the mountainside that shows you great views of Beppu with nature.
I put Global Tower in all pictures because it makes the scenery more interesting.
I hope these pictures pass on you the wonderful Beppu with nature.

Lot of trees in the city. Ohita city is beyond the Beppu bay.

I'm not sure but... the iron tower is probably a hot spring well .... (??)

contrast between Yukimuri and Global tower is interesting.

The long building undet the tower is B-ConPlaza

A small white building on the hill is Bussari to near Jissoji soccer ground.