Mar 31, 2013

Beppu Today, 2013 March 30th, Cherry blossoms

 Now cherry blossoms make familiar places and objects more beautiful and attractive.

<Beppu park>
    Beppu park was crowded with many people who came to see the cherry blossoms.
They had parties under the cherry trees with eating and drinking with their families and friends.
We call these parties Hanami.

  Global tower is seen behind the cherry trees.

     In the park in front of Kamado Jigoku, there is a statue that was given from Yantai city as a symbol of friendship. 

The building with thatched roof is the entrance of Umi Jigoku.

 Yukimuri in Ohtani Park.

 Yukemuri rising just near Jigokumishi Kobo.

<Jissoji soccer ground and around it>

    Soft drink vending machines set at the entrance of soccer ground.


   Beppu peace pagoda can be seen through cherry blossoms.

<Mt Ohgi>

    Mt. Ohgi has a shape of reversed fan that is on the north side of Beppu.

  If you missed these beautiful cherry blossoms this year, make sure to come next spring!!