Feb 5, 2013

Recommended Dish "Dangojiru"

According to the calendar, Feb. 4th is the first day of spring in Japan. However it is still cold here.

"Dangojiru”, which is a local specialty in Beppu, is recommended for your lunch and dinner especially on a cold day. It warms your heart as well as your body. 
"Dango" means a dumpling and "jiru" means a soup. "Dangojiru” is a miso soup with many kinds of vegetables and meat such as carrot, burdock,
mushroom, pork and etc. and of course dumplings.

dumpling made of flour
There are many restaurants, such as Saboh Shinanoya, Chikushi (see other page of this blog), where you can eat it in Beppu. Though the ingredients, looks and prices vary by restaurant, the taste is very good and the price is reasonable. 

"Dangojiru" of Miyuki-Shokudo in Kannawa

"Dangojiru" of  Chikushi in Beppu Kotsu Center

FTIO offices provide you the information of the restaurants.