Jan 29, 2013

One-day use Onsen in Beppu (1)

Beppu is one of the most popular hot spring resorts in Japan. There are a lot of municipal hot springs, unique hot springs (mud bath, sand bath, steam bath, open-air bath) and hot spring facilities with
various types of hot springs in one site, such as Hyotan Onsen.
Additionally, some ryokans(Japanese inns) and hotels open their baths to the general public during limited hours for one-day use.

 The pictures below are the baths of Marugamiya (ryokan, Japanese inn) in Kannawa, which reopend following renewal the end of last year.

Open air bath (the men's bath) 

Open air bath (the women's bath)

Family bath (Private bath)
Family bath (Private bath)

the courtyard

Maruyamiya is near Kannawa bus stop. FTIO Kannawa Office has information where it is and when it is open.

FTIO offices provide you information of other day-use onsens around Beppu.