Jun 30, 2013

Kannawa Mushiyu (Steam Bath)

"Kannawa Mushiyu" is a Japanese style sauna run by the city of Beppu. It is located at Kannawa Onsen area 20-minute bus ride away from Beppu station. No other hot spring areas in Japan have such a unique spa.  

"Mushiyu" house 

Buy tickets for bathing and renting a yukata at this ticketing machine.
(You don't need to rent a yukata if you bring your own T-shirt and pants.) 
After buying tickets,  go to the reception counter.

Rinse your body first in this bath and wear a rental yukata before taking Mushiyu.  

Door to Mushiyu

The temperature of the steam is 70-80 degrees in Mushiyu. Lie down on 'sekisho' , the herb grass, spread over the floor in the stone room. 
The steam will make your entire body sweat in 8 to 10 minutes.
After Mushiyu, take an ordinary hot spring bath to relax your body and soul.

※ Don't forget to drink some water before and after taking Mushiyu.
※ You are not allowed to take Mushiyu under the following conditions:
                 2)High Blood Pressure  
                 3)Heart Trouble
                 4)Hardening of the Arteries