Jul 18, 2013

Beppu Today, 2013 July 16th , at the sun rise in Beppu city

It's been terribly hot here in Beppu since the rainy season was over. Taking a walk early in the morning, however, and touching the cool air on the cheeks just before the sunrise is comfortable. The following photos will give you such a nice feeling.

A fantastic sunrise view with the shimmering sunlight upon Beppu bay.

Mt. Takasaki, famous for wild monkeys, in the morning haze is on the left.

The alluvial fan feature of Beppu

The mountain surface in the sunlight

Mt. Tsurumi (1375 m), in the center, is the highest peak in Beppu. The green and lower  
   mountain in the center is Mt. Ohgi. The main area of the famous hot spring steam is on its