Nov 27, 2012

Asami Shrine

Shrines and temples are essential for the Japanese. It is a traditional custom that the Japanese visit there and make wishes for health, happiness and success, especially during the first three days of the New Year.

Hachiman Asami Shrine is one of the popular shrines in Beppu and known as the shrine of the guardian god of Beppu. 

The main pavilion

Since it was established in 1196, it had been watching over Beppu. The historic buildings and solemn atmosphere surrounded by trees make Beppu citizen feel comfortable.

The shrine has a long approach, a stone-paved street after passing through the first gate (torii).

The first gate 
The front approach                                        
The approach has several oral traditions.
In the middle of the approach, you might see some unique stones. It is said that if people step on these stones on the first visit of the year to the shrine, they secure good luck for the year.
The Gourd Stone
The Cup Stone
At the end of the approach (on the top of the stairs), you will see two big cedars reaching up to the sky like a gate. It is said that if two persons pass between these two trees together, they will be married. These trees are also called "the cedar couple" among local people.

The cedar couple seen from the front approach

The cedar couple seen from  the main pavilion

The brochure written in English for more information about the shrine is available there. 

Try drawing a sacred lot (omikuji) written in English 
to learn your fortune for the year ! 
It takes 20 minutes to get there from Beppu station. Please ask FTIO offices about how to get there.