Nov 29, 2012

Beppu Today, Mix Bathing World 2012

  At the beginning of this month, I took pictures of the towers of Babel in the street of  Sol Paseo Ginza St. and Yayoi Tengu dori (the towers are a part of arts in Mix Bathing World 2012).  At that time, I found just five towers. I came back to the streets and tried to fine the rest of them, I could not do though. The pictures shown below are what I found today.
  This is just my opinion but, it is the "tower year" this year here in Japan because Tokyo Skytree opened this spring and it has been attracting many tourists from all over Japan and some from foreign countries. Towers and the sceneries from them are always attractive for us who cannot fly like a bird.
   Coincidentally, we have almost 20 artistic towers in Beppu.  They are not so high but they all have a presence because they use the items in the shops. I felt that they are alive because they are placed in the right place. I was very happy. 

The tower of fluorescent lights is in front of old photos of Beppu.

The tower in the pharmacy uses bottles of energy drink

The tower is in front of a Japanese Kimono shop

The tower is in a Japanese Kimono shop

The tower is in a Japanese sweet shop

The tower in a restaurant

The tower in a cake shop