Nov 6, 2012

Beppu today, November 2012 (revised on Nov 6th)

< Komomaki in Beppu Park : Nov 6th> 

  The trunks of pine trees in Beppu Park are wrapped with rice straw-mats. We call them KOMOMAKI.
  Komomaki is a trap band for matsugareha or pine caterpillars that is applied this time of year and removed at the beginning of next spring.
   It is said that this method was developed several hundred years ago in Japan.
  I like komomaki because they look like thermal blankets to keep pine trees warm in the winter.


<Mix Bathing World 2012 : Nov 4th>
   "Mixed Bathing World 2012" is taking place in Beppu until Dec. 2nd. According to the web site, There are eight projects. I've already visited Project 01 and Project 03.
    Project 01 was in a mystical space in the 100 year-old Japanese house. The floor was cobbled with beautiful marbles and LED lights illuminated it from underneath. It was said to be created by the inspiration of  "tenkuu no niwa (the garden in the sky (a direct translation))." The atmosphere made me feel relieved and wanted to stay there as long as possible.
    Project 03 took place in "the first subterranean dining and drinking district." I enjoyed thinking what image the artist had when she made this art hearing the very short phrases that came from several thousands of mikes in the dark. It was a very precious experience for me.
    Today, I walked in the streets of Kusunoki Gintengai Shopping mall, Sol Paseo Ginza St. and Yayoi Tengu dori street in down town Beppu.
     I heard from a member of the staff of this event that one of the concepts is "Enjoy Beppu." Yes, the streets were very enjoyable.
     <Kusunoki Gintengai Shopping mall>
     The street was decolated with the artistic objects. The street will be the stage of dance performance on Dec 1st and 2nd. .                                                                                                                                 

      < Sol Paseo Ginza St. and Yayoi Tengu dori street >
      There were the towers of Babel in Beppu in or in front of some shops. 

A board put by every tower that describes
"This is exhibited for Tsuyoshi OZAWA,
The Tower of Babel in Beppu, 2012"

The tower in the showcase of a coffee shop was mede of coffee beans.
The tower in the ice cream shop was made of ice cream cones.
I found only four towers today but there are eighteen.
I will come  back and find all of them.

Tower made of coffee beans
Tower made of ice cream cones

Tower made of school uniforms

Tower made of Japanese traditional sweets


<Sen-tohmyo  :   Nov 3rd >
  "Sen-tohmyo" (Festival of Sacred Lanterns) was held tonight (Nov. 3rd) in Beppu park.
Around six o'clock, the opening ceremony started attended by the mayor of Beppu, organizers and visitors.
   In the opening address, I got to know that there were 2,000 candles that were prepared by 500 volunteers spent 2 months.

Opening ceremony

Firework at the opening ceremony
I also got to know that this festival was the Children's festival because many students from nursery schools to junior high schools made their unique lanterns.

Lanterns made by nursery
             school students were cute  --->.
Lanterns in the dark were beautiful.

The tent-like objects turned to  --->
light sources that made the area a fantastic world.

Japanese umbrellas hung from the pine trees created Japanese atmosphere.  

The bamboo grove was lit up by lanterns using "packages of milk."
The lanterns used Kirie (cut paper) technique so they were elegant and relized finelly designated images.

Lantern with Kirie
The  bamboo grove

On the stage at the central square, a singer sang children songs with kids.
It was really nice.

I'm looking forward to visiting again next year.