Oct 14, 2012

Beppu Art Month

World famous Onsen Town Beppu offers a series of cultural activities such as art exhibition, dancing, music, movie films, etc. all through the year.

“Beppu Art Month” is held in every fall starting on October 06 through December 02 at several sites in the city of Beppu. This activity is open to the public to register wide range of their arts. We have 149 programs by 123 different groups. People can enjoy various kinds of arts here and there in Beppu for free or charged.

During this period, a very unique exhibition “Konyoku Onsen World (Mixed Bathing World) Festival” is also held. Some forty groups of local and worldwide artists have carried their artistic products featuring Onsen Town Beppu to this festival.

Below are some pictures of PROJECT 08. This production made from bamboo is on display near Hyotan Onsen in Kannawa area.

< Thus things flow away day and night >
created  by Oiu  Zhijie

The sign below is on the roof of 'Kamifujiya Ryokan' in Kannawa area. It illuminates the street in front of 'Mushiyu' after dark. This message is a part of the poetry which the artist of PROJECT03 composed. 

The poetry describes the feeling of  the artist, Shilpa Gupta about Beppu.

PROJECT03 is held in downtown.

Click their website at http://mixedbathingworld.com/en/ for further information.