Oct 2, 2012

Shopping near Beppu JR station

<Tokiwa Department store (in Beppu) >  
  It is at the corner of Ekimae dori and route 10.
  In addition to the regular items found in most department stores,
it is promoting local specialties such as
Shiitake mushroom,  Kabosu citrus fruit, Bungo beef, 
dried fish, barley shochu distilled spirit and etc. that have been developed 
in the Isson Ippin Undo (One Village One Product movement) originated in Ohita.
  On the seventh floor, there are restaurants serving Japanese, Chinese 
and Western dishes. The seethrough elevator take you directly to the seventh floor.
  In front of the department-store facing Route 10, there is Beppu Kitahama
Bus Stop from where Highway Buses are available to Fukuoka and some other
destinations. On the first floor in the department store, there is
Starbucks coffee (8:00-21:00) where the bus stop is in full view.

Tokiwa Department store

Beppu Kitahama Bus stop -2

<Youme town Beppu>
  At the T-intersection with Route10 and Nagarekawadori, there is Youme town. 
It's a three-story shopping mall opens until 10PM. Food, clothes, groceries and 
other basic necessities are sold there. 
  On the first floor, there are restaurants serving 
          Japanese foods, Sushi       
          Japanese Soba, Udon 
          Champon Ramen, Steak, Humberger, 
          Italian foods and etc. 
   On the third floor, there is a food court from where Beppu bay can be seen.
  The detail information is on the FLOOR Guide in English, Chinse and Korean
available for you at service counter on the 1st floor in Youme town.

Youme Town

Scenery from third floor food court

<Beppu Station Center>
  Beppu Station Center is in the Beppu JR station building and underneath
the elevated railway tracks. It consists of four area, B-passage, BIS Minamikan,
Yamada Denki (an electrical retail shop) and Beppu Station Market. 
  - B-passage and BIS Minamikan are in the station building.
      The former is in front of the main ticket gate and the latter is on the opposite side.
      There are restaurants, fast-food shops, café, souvenir shops, a bakery,
      a convenience store and so on. 
       ATMs, lockers, rental cicycles are also available.



BIS minamikan entrance

- Yamada Denki electrical retail shop,
      Go out from Beppu station East gate and turn left, you will see a yellow building. 

Yamada Denki
  - Beppu Station Market
     At the south end of Beppu Station center, there is Beppu Station Market.
The market earns the nickname "the kitchen of Beppu."
There are delicatessens, Toriten, Sushi roll, mixed rice, salad, Templa and

Beppu Station Market entrance

Beppu Station Market


<Shopping Streets>
  When you go down the left side of Ekimae Dori street from Beppu JR station
toward Route 10, you will find the arcade entrance of Hot Street Yayoi on your right.
If you walk one more block,  there is our Foreign Tourist Information Office
at the corner and turn left, it's Sol Paseo Ginza Shopping street.
  These streets have been realized as the center of Beppu down town from
Showa era.
There are souvenir shops, restaurants, cosmetic shops, Japanese Kimono
shops and so on.

     the entrance of Hot Street Yayoi

FTIO Kitahama office

Sol Paseo Ginza street

Sol Paseo Ginza street