Oct 16, 2012

The Hells Tour in Beppu

"Jigoku Meguri" (or The Hells Tour) attracts you to Beppu. Myoban area is also worthy to visit.
Kamenoi Bus Company offers a half-day tour going to Jigoku and Myoban areas. 

  Kitahama Bus Center→ Beppu Station→ 8 hells→ Myoban area→
                                Kitahama Bus Center→ Beppu Station 

No appointment necessary, please plan to arrive ten minutes prior to the bus departure.

This tour allows you to visit 8 hells and see Myoban area through the bus window.  It takes 2 hours 40 minutes to 2 hours 50 minutes. If you would like to walk in Myoban area, you could get off the bus and sightsee there by yourself. In this case, you could take local buses to return to Kitahama or Beppu station. The bus fare is for free if you show the guide book that was given to you when you purchased the tour ticket.

Devices, special audio pens that give multilingual guidance, such as  in English, Korean and Chinese are available just for this course.
Special audio pen

Tour bus
Tour bus

Departure times from Kitahama Bus Center are

  •   10:00
  •   13:20


The Bus Center is located in Nishitetsu Resort Inn across Route 10 from Tokiwa Department store.

Departure times from Beppu Station are
  •   10:05 
  •   13:25

      The bus stop is located at the east side of Beppu JR Station.

Tour ticket fares (include an admission fee for Jigoku) are
  •     4,000 yen  for  adults
  •     3,370 yen  for  high school students  
  •     3,100 yen  for  junior high school students
  •  2,110 yen  for  elementary school students 

FTIO Beppu station office provides you detail information and the leaflet.