Oct 6, 2012

Harmoney Land in Hiji, neighboring town to Beppu

  Harmony Land in Hiji, neighboring town to Beppu, starts its Autumn Night Illumination on October 06. It lasts until November 04.
  The popular night illumination of Harmony Land has changed its decoration from summer feature to autumn one on October 06.
  The image of autumn and bamboo is represented with the brilliant illumination of 710,000 lightings. 
Halloween events will last until November 04 and Christmas events will follow.
  At the site of “Lighting Tanabata (the Weaver) Legend”, bamboos and 230,000 of luminous diode lights (LED) are decorated. Dark passages are softly emit-lighted by LED and the objects of “Bamboo arches”, “Bamboo fans”, etc. create fantastic atmosphere.
  The night events of Harmony Land began last August and will last until May, 2013, mainly on weekends, changing its themes and events at each season. Six deferent features will be presented throughout the period. 
  The ticket good for night events (after 4 o’clock) only is 1,000 yen. (4 years or older)
Guest Information: TEL 0977-73-1111