May 26, 2013

Beppu Hatto Walk (4) ---Takegawara Neighborhood Alley Walk

"Takegawara Neighborhood Alley Walk" is a program of strolling around the central zone of Beppu hot spring area near the JR Beppu station. This program is held on daily basis except Tuesday and Thursday. The walk starts from the JR Beppu station and finish at Takegawara onsen, one of the most popular public hot springs in Beppu. Participants walk through the extremely narrow backstreets here and there and feel the air of good old days of downtown Beppu. In about 2 and half hours, all the participants are treated with two different delicious homemade cakes and green tea en route before arriving at Takegawara onsen.

The walk starts from JR Beppu station. The stature of Aburaya Kumahachi, the founder of Beppu tourism.
"Hand Bath" just in front of the station
Eki-mae Koto Onsen( Only one minute from the station)
 Both hot and warm onsen are available to bathe.
"Minshuku (Inn) Kokage"
This old fashioned music box is still making beautiful sound.

This gramophone also plays well now.       
Extremely narrow backstreets in pictures remain around this area.    
Steamed cake with sweet potatoes 

Soft cake with yuzu citrus jam inside gives us an extra energy to keep walking.    
Nakahama-dori Shrine in the middle of the downtown    
Takegawara Onsen, one of the oldest public hot springs in Japan.
  The building itself is worth seeing.
Professional bamboo craftsmen are making art pieces.
Many pieces are sold on the site.