May 15, 2013

Beppu Hatto Walk(3) Hamawaki Sepia-tic Walk (1-Downtown)

Hamawaki Onsen area, one of the Beppu Hatto, is located at the edge of east-south of Beppu city and near to the Beppu Bay. It was most bustling in Showa Era (1950's~70's) Many people came to Beppu from Kansai and Shikoku to bathe in the hot spring and to go sightseeing by ships at that time. Many people still live in the old houses remaining there through a long history. Pictures below make you feel and touch the old era in sepia color.

Hamawaki Sepia-tic Walking starts from JR Higashi Beppu station next to Beppu.

This house used to be a post office then.

The house was built in 1872, the beginning of Meiji era.
It is registered as a tangible cultural asset in 2007.
The owner is running a gallery named Masuya.

Old Japanese lattices made of bamboo

A round well was drilled in 1847.
Neighbors are using it in a daily life.
It has never been dried-up even
 in a spell of dry weather.
It’s amazing!!

When you sit down on this bench, you can feel the time doesn’t go by.
Jasmine flower
The branches are heavily laden with cherries.