May 21, 2013

Beppu Hatto Walk(3) Hamawaki Sepia-tic Walk(2-Uptown)

This walk is scheduled on every Sunday morning.
Three Buddhism temples and a Roman Catholic Church are on the route. Further information of "Hatto Walk" is available at three FTIO offices in the city of Beppu. Feel free to drop by any one of them. We are looking forward to seeing you!!    

 "Chokakuji temple" is said to be built during 1429-40.
   After destruction by a big fire, it was rebuilt in 1822.

The wall of this temple looks like the wall of a castle.

A forceful dragon carved in wood.

"Sofukuji temple" was built in 1266.
As if this statue would like to talk to visitors.

This bell rings at 6 o’clock every morning and evening. 

This temple was built in 718.
They say that it is the oldest one in Beppu city.


Great view from there 

Have you seen of maple flowers?
     This is it. Green of this season is amazing!

This sutatue is "Kan-on with a thousand hands" .

Missionaries of Charity  (Mother Teresa is the founder)

The Virgin Mary statue is in the wall on the way to their house.
    Sisters fold their hands in prayer in front of it every time when they go through by.