May 7, 2013

Drop-by Onsen in Beppu (2)

The pictures below is the view from a private bath in Sakuratei (ryokan, Japanese inn) located on a hillside of Kannawa hot spring area.

The sign says 'Sora no Yu' which means 'the hot spring in the sky'.
Roten-buro (Open-air  bath)

Sakuratei has another type of private bath as well as a large public bath. These baths also offer  panoramic views over the city and the bay of Beppu.

Sakura-tei has 4 cottage-type private baths.  

Inside of the private bath(1)
Inside of the private bath(2)

Inside of the large public bath

Some ryokans(Japanese inns)  and hotels open their baths to the public during limited hours for drop-by use.
Sakuratei is only a five-minute walk from Kannawa bus stop. Tourists can get more information about it at FTIO Kannawa office.

Any one of FTIO offices in the city provides you the information of other drop-by Onsen in and around Beppu city.