Dec 26, 2010

Person-Mr. Iwao Kuwabara, Director of Jigokumushi Kobo kannawa (JKK)

Jigokumushi Kobo Kannnawa (JKK) is a do-it-yourself style cooking place utilizing hot spring steam. This quite unique facility was open on March 28, 2010, as one of the local community restoration programs.  Such way of cooking was once popular among local people living in Kannawa hot spring area. Since it’s opening, many tourists including not only Japanese but also foreigners have been visiting JKK.

Mr. Kuwabara, 71 years old, welcomes visitors every day with a big smile. He used to work for Kyushu Electric Power Company for 40 years. Being retired from such a gigantic organization, he is enjoying current job that enables him to work for the local community where he was born and raised. His motto is to serve all visitors with the perfect hospitality. He is very glad to see those tourists coming from overseas.(KK)

Dec 20, 2010

Private ONSEN (Kamado-JIGOKU, BEPPU)

 Private Bath (Kamado-jigoku, Beppu)

Do you know there is a private ONSEN in 'JIGOKU'?
Plenty of people have bathed in Onsen (hot springs) here in Beppu. However, how many people can image bathing in a real JIGOKU?
This is the only place to take bath in a JIGOKU not only taking a look at it.
You can enjoy it at aveilability basis. Fee is included in admission to Kamado JIGOKU (400YEN).

Please remember this is the 'Hell (Jigoku)'. DO NOT wash your hair in this special Onsen.
This hot springs contains amorphous silica.(It might cause difficulty when you comb your hair)

 Entrance of a private Onsen (Kamado-jigoku, Beppu)

 Kamado-jigoku (Beppu)

You can enjoy 'foot bath' as well.

Foot Bath (Kamado-jigoku, Beppu)

Dec 15, 2010

Visitors from Singapore

Two beautiful women from Singapore enjoyed steamed veggies, seafood and eggs at Kannawa JIGOKU-mushi cooking studio.   

Nov 25, 2010

'BEPPU TOH-SUI-SAI the 4th' (The 4th Beppu Winter Night Festival)

'BEPPU TOH-SUI-SAI' (Beppu Park/2010)

'BEPPU TOH-SUI-SAI' (Beppu Park/2010)

'BEPPU TOH-SUI-SAI' (Beppu Park/2010)

The 4th 'BEPPU TOH-SUI-SAI' (Winter Night Festival) is held at Beppu Park starting December 4, 2010 through January 10, 2011. Traditional Christmas tree used-to-be has changed to such a modern illuminations since 2007. 200,000 bulbs of illuminations with a plenty of art object create the fantasy of imaginary forest featuring giant Christmas trees at the center. During that period, you can enjoy many events such as the concert of Gospel songs, lighting up show, the contest of calligraphy, etc. 

'BEPPU TOH-SUI-SAI' (Beppu Park/2008)

'BEPPU TOH-SUI-SAI' (Beppu Park/2008)

Nov 16, 2010

Lake Kinrin (Yufuin)

Look at the beautiful colored leaves!!

 Lake Kinrin is located in Yufuin town, 50 min drive from Beppu. There are  galleries, nice restaurants and luxury accommodations around Lake Kinrin.
 Yufuin is a very popular place as a relaxing destination. It attracts plenty of tourists from Japan and abroad in this season.

Nov 15, 2010

Visitors from UK & USA

Tourists who visited the FTIO Kannawa office during their business trip to Kyushu. Our staff is providing them the explanation of the Jigoku (Hell) tour.

Nov 14, 2010


Steam from hot springs climbs up into the sky here and there. We call it 'Yukemuri'.

Oct 23, 2010

"JIGOKU-mushi"2 (Stream Cooking)

With deepening of autumn, people who enjoy Jigokumushi cooking are increasing in number here in Kannawa. From now on, towards a cold winter,  being tempted by the pure white steam which blows off from Jigokumushi cooking pot, many more visitors in and out of Oita prefecture will visit Kannawa, one of major eight hot spring areas in Beppu.  Jigokumushi cooking is popular among incoming tourists who come to Beppu from overseas.   It will surely be set to one of the recollections of the trip to Japan.

A visitor from Hong Kong tried "JIGOKU-mushi" at Kannawa JIGOKU-mushi studio.

Sep 23, 2010

Steam Cooking Pits

"JIGOKU-mushi"(hell steaming) is a unique cooking style in Beppu.

No oil, very HEALTHY!!

TRY THIS! when you visit Kannawa, BEPPU!!