Sep 29, 2012

Beaches in Beppu

Sometimes, foreign tourists ask us if there is a beach in Beppu.
Yes !     Beppu is facing beautiful Beppu bay.
There are three beaches shown below where you will have a nice time.
Well worth a visit.

<Spa beach Matogahama Park>

It is about a 15-minute walk from Beppu station.

Photo from Beppu Tower
Spa beach Matogahama Par

Spa beach Matogahama Park
Termas hot Spring Onsen adjacent to Spa beach Matgahama Park

<Mochigahama Beach>

Mochigahama Beach is 10 minutes walk from Spa beach Matogahama Park.

Mochigahama Beach with
  Mt Takasaki in the background
Mochigahama Beach

Mochigahama beach

Mochigahama pier

Scenery from Mochigahama pier

Scenery from Mochigahama pier

<Shoningahama Park>

Shoningahama Park is situated near Beppu Kankoko International port (Ferry terminal).

Shoningahama Park
Shoningahama Park

Shoningahama Park

Shoningahama Park
Shoningahama Park
Shoningahama Park

<Tsunami Caution>

There are signs of  "TUNAMI CAUTION!" on the beaches.
It says, "In case of earthquake, evacuate immediately to higher place."


Beppu Tower

Beppu tower is the third oldest high-rise tower in Japan built in 1957, the height is 100m.
It is registered as a tangible cultural property.
The seventeenth floor observation deck provides you fantastic views of Beppu bay, Beppu city and Mt. Tsurumi.

The view from the tower.
The mountain upper left is Mt Takasaki

Beppu Tower

The view from the tower.
Matogahama beach.

The view from the tower.
Beppu city

Mascot of Beppu tower, Beppu Santaro

Beppu Tower : Business hours   9:00 - 22:00  
                       : Admission     : Adults : 200 yen , Children : 100 yen
                       : Closed on Wednesdays


Sep 26, 2012

Beppu park

Beppu park is located 10 minutes' walk from Beppu station.
It is a place of relaxation for the local people.

There are many trees including 80-100 years old pine trees and beautiful
flowers bloom in each season.

Near the west gate, there is the monument to the memory of Kumahachi Aburaya,
the father of  Beppu tourism.
Global Tower is 5 minutes' walk from the park.
The tower is 125m high (the observation deck is 100m high) and
the view of Beppu city from it is magnificent.


East Gate
a Grove

a Bamboo grove

a pond

a Tiny waterfall

                                     The monument to the memory 
                                                           of Kumahachi Aburaya


 Groval Tower


Sep 24, 2012

Kannawa Walking Map

Kannawa is one of the most popular tourist spots in Beppu. It offers you a lot of attractions such as the hell tour, a hot spring (Onsen) bathing , "Jigoku Mushi (cooked by onsen steam)" food, etc.
Kannawa has been popular for its Onsen for long time. There are still many old Toji Ryokan (inns for hot spring therapy).  They induce the nostalgia of days gone by in Beppu.
Walking maps are available at Beppu Foreign Tourist Information Kannawa Office . 
Walking Map
The map shows two model routes, "Historical alley route" and "Misty smoke of hot spring steam route."
Each takes around 30 minutes.
The photos below are the spots shown on the map and what you will see in the area.
The captions of these photos are printed in the map.

1) Onsenzan Eifukuji Temple

2) Remains of falling down hot spring

3) Remains of old mushiyu

4) Former Fujiya Ryokan (inn)

5) Jigokumushi steamers

6) Viewing park

7) Stone pavement and stonewall made of Beppu stone.

8) Remains of Washing Place



9) Miharashizaka (Viewing slope)

11) Yumetake

12) Jigoku
13) Furumoto alley


Sep 23, 2012

"My Best Shot in Beppu" from a tourist

<Oniishibpzu Jigoku>

Comment from the sender,
"I can feel the power of nature. The green aroma of trees, warmth from Onsen steam,
fresh breath from clear atmosphere around, all of these make every one relieve & relax."

Dear Mr.  Photograper,
Thank you very much for sending us your Best shot in Beppu.
We are so glad to know you love Beppu and will come back soon.

Hope you have a good time here again in the near  future. (GH)                                                               

Sep 22, 2012

The 53rd Yuami Festival in Kannawa(2012)

The 53rd Kannawa Yuami festival is taking place around 'Eifukuji' temple in Kannawa to thank 'Ippen Shonin'.


People are pounding mochi.

'Ippen Shonin',  a Buddhist priest, founded 'Eifukujui' temple and Kannawa hot-spring area in the 13th century. Since then Kannawa has flourished as an ONSEN resort.

<Statue of 'Ippen Shonin' in front of 'Mushiyu'>

During the festival, people wash and clean the wooden statue of 'Ippen Shonin', which is usually kept in 'Eifukuji', at hot-spring facilities such as 'Mushiyu' and 'Shibunoyu'. This Buddhist ceremony ( 'Yuami-Houyou' ) is  held on Sep.23.


▼Other events on Sep. 22 and 23

Flea market : on Sep. 22
Dedicatory dances : on Sep. 23
The chigo Parade : on Sep. 23

Ask details at FTIO Kannawa Office, Please.

Sep 17, 2012

A newly opened Teahouse near JR Beppu station

Have you ever had matcha, powdered green tea? Are you interested in the Japanese tea ceremony?

'Ofuku' is a newly opened teahouse near JR Beppu station.

<Entrance gate>
The Kanji characters on the signboard, the shop curtain and the lantern mean "fuku" or good luck.

<Japanese-style room>
< A tatami-mat room facing Japanese garden>

<Western-style room>

Women being dressed in kimono show the manner of tea ceremony and serve matcha to you.
<Making tea by the traditional way>
<Making tea by the traditional way>

           <Powdered green tea and Japanese style confections>
This costs 1,000yen.  If you like, you have another cup of tea for free.
Tea service : Daily from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. 

You can enjoy a cup of tea with Japanese-style confections while viewing the Japanese garden. The experience in 'Ofuku' would be one of your memorable events in Beppu.

<Japanese garden>

Ofuku is also a high-class Japanese-style restaurant.
You need to make a reservation in advance to have lunch or dinner. A maiko will serve a cup of tea to you for free with a meal.
Additionally, you may have a chance to see maiko's traditional performance, such as music and dances.
By the way,  maiko is an apprentice of geiko.

FTIO offices offer you more information and help you make reservation.