Sep 29, 2012

Beppu Tower

Beppu tower is the third oldest high-rise tower in Japan built in 1957, the height is 100m.
It is registered as a tangible cultural property.
The seventeenth floor observation deck provides you fantastic views of Beppu bay, Beppu city and Mt. Tsurumi.

The view from the tower.
The mountain upper left is Mt Takasaki

Beppu Tower

The view from the tower.
Matogahama beach.

The view from the tower.
Beppu city

Mascot of Beppu tower, Beppu Santaro

Beppu Tower : Business hours   9:00 - 22:00  
                       : Admission     : Adults : 200 yen , Children : 100 yen
                       : Closed on Wednesdays