Sep 22, 2012

The 53rd Yuami Festival in Kannawa(2012)

The 53rd Kannawa Yuami festival is taking place around 'Eifukuji' temple in Kannawa to thank 'Ippen Shonin'.


People are pounding mochi.

'Ippen Shonin',  a Buddhist priest, founded 'Eifukujui' temple and Kannawa hot-spring area in the 13th century. Since then Kannawa has flourished as an ONSEN resort.

<Statue of 'Ippen Shonin' in front of 'Mushiyu'>

During the festival, people wash and clean the wooden statue of 'Ippen Shonin', which is usually kept in 'Eifukuji', at hot-spring facilities such as 'Mushiyu' and 'Shibunoyu'. This Buddhist ceremony ( 'Yuami-Houyou' ) is  held on Sep.23.


▼Other events on Sep. 22 and 23

Flea market : on Sep. 22
Dedicatory dances : on Sep. 23
The chigo Parade : on Sep. 23

Ask details at FTIO Kannawa Office, Please.