Sep 17, 2012

A newly opened Teahouse near JR Beppu station

Have you ever had matcha, powdered green tea? Are you interested in the Japanese tea ceremony?

'Ofuku' is a newly opened teahouse near JR Beppu station.

<Entrance gate>
The Kanji characters on the signboard, the shop curtain and the lantern mean "fuku" or good luck.

<Japanese-style room>
< A tatami-mat room facing Japanese garden>

<Western-style room>

Women being dressed in kimono show the manner of tea ceremony and serve matcha to you.
<Making tea by the traditional way>
<Making tea by the traditional way>

           <Powdered green tea and Japanese style confections>
This costs 1,000yen.  If you like, you have another cup of tea for free.
Tea service : Daily from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. 

You can enjoy a cup of tea with Japanese-style confections while viewing the Japanese garden. The experience in 'Ofuku' would be one of your memorable events in Beppu.

<Japanese garden>

Ofuku is also a high-class Japanese-style restaurant.
You need to make a reservation in advance to have lunch or dinner. A maiko will serve a cup of tea to you for free with a meal.
Additionally, you may have a chance to see maiko's traditional performance, such as music and dances.
By the way,  maiko is an apprentice of geiko.

FTIO offices offer you more information and help you make reservation.