Jan 27, 2011

Beppu Peace Pagoda(Busshari-to)

If you are interested in the Buddhism, visit Beppu Peace Pagoda.
They call the Pagoda as Busshari-to or a charnel for holy monks. This Pagoda was built in 1987 to wish to establish a peaceful world.

In the building, you can see several Buddha statues including a unique lying down Buddha.(Below)

Additionally, you can enjoy one of the greatest views of Beppu looking down the bay of Beppu and also of the Kunisaki peninsula as far as Shikoku Island on clear days.

Around the Pagoda, the beautiful cherry blossoms are seen in spring time.

To go there, take a bus No. 25 from JR Beppu station east exit, then get off at “Heiwakinento Iriguchi”. It takes about 16 min. bus ride and about 15 min. walk to the Pagoda from the bus stop.

Please contact to FTIO office at 0977-21-6221 or e-mail to beppuftio@gmail.com. for details. (KK for TG)

Jan 22, 2011

Usuki Stone Buddhas

You can see 59 rock stone carvings of Buddhas in Usuki city about 40km southeast of Beppu. People call this place Usuki Stone Buddhas which is designated as one of National treasures. The middle one  in the picture(above) is thought to be the finest stone statue of Biddhas in all over Japan.


As Buddhas are located in the mountain forest, some of visitors walk around with bamboo sticks in hands. (bamboo sticks are available for free at the entrance).

The maps and brochures of Usuki Stone Buddha site in English are available at FTIO office. (AW)

Jan 19, 2011

Restauranti Mochizuki

Can you imagine that you can eat “the paella” in Kannnawa, a popular Onsen town in Beppu?

Yes! Restaurante Mochizuki serves Mediterranean cuisine. Among various dishes Mr. Kazuyoshi Mochizuki, owner chef, cooks, “the paella, a typical Spanish food, is his specialty.
Catsup rice is nice, too.
Some other seafood menu are highly recommendable.
Although Mochizuki is located in the residential zone at the edge of the Kannawa hot spring area, you can experience a wonderful lunch or dinner looking down the town of Kannawa. That’s the reason why people call this restaurant “hideout”. Ask details at FTIO Kannawa office. (KE)

Jan 11, 2011

HAPPY NEW YEAR -Kagami Biraki-

"Zenzai" (sweet red bean soup with mochi)

"Kagami Biraki" is one of a traditional ceremony represents "Starting something new" or "Wish unlimited joy to the family".
People break the Kagami-mochi (the round rice cake) which was displayed for first tendays of the New Year, and eat them on January 11.
"Kagami" literally means "mirror" referring to full moon, harmony, and symbol of a peaceful family.
"Biraki" means "open" referring to starting something new on business or a life such as wedding.

"Kagami Biraki" is known as the performance on the event for celebrations not only the New Year such as official kick off event for the company or sports, wedding, and so on. In those cases, the sake barrel is used instead of Kagami-mochi.