Feb 8, 2011

Hana-no-yu(Hot Spring in the Green House)

This unique hot spring is run by a local florist. This hot spring has eight private baths with tropical plants and flowers inside located at the edge of Kannawa hot spring area. (Take bus No.2 both from Beppu station and Kannawa) They offer good price(500 yen per person) on weekdays daytime from 10:00 to 17:00. Regular price is 1500 yen per room for weekends and after 17:00 on weekdays. Out of eight private baths, four are with natural rock tubs and the other four are with smoothly cut stones. Each one of them has a name of flower, such as Rose, Sunflower, Lily, etc. Choose your favorite one.
Since they started their business last April as an annex of the florist, all the baths are still looking new. And surrounded by green plants and colorful flowers, your body and soul will be really refreshed. Actually, this hot spring has been built in one of two big green houses owned by the florist. Hot spring with tropical plants and flowers; what a good conbination!

"Yu-no-hana"; when the high temperature hot spring water cool down, the elements of hot spring water are crystallized and sink to the bottom of the bath or draft in the bath tub.  (KK)