Mar 31, 2013

Beppu Today, 2013 March 30th, Cherry blossoms

 Now cherry blossoms make familiar places and objects more beautiful and attractive.

<Beppu park>
    Beppu park was crowded with many people who came to see the cherry blossoms.
They had parties under the cherry trees with eating and drinking with their families and friends.
We call these parties Hanami.

  Global tower is seen behind the cherry trees.

     In the park in front of Kamado Jigoku, there is a statue that was given from Yantai city as a symbol of friendship. 

The building with thatched roof is the entrance of Umi Jigoku.

 Yukimuri in Ohtani Park.

 Yukemuri rising just near Jigokumishi Kobo.

<Jissoji soccer ground and around it>

    Soft drink vending machines set at the entrance of soccer ground.


   Beppu peace pagoda can be seen through cherry blossoms.

<Mt Ohgi>

    Mt. Ohgi has a shape of reversed fan that is on the north side of Beppu.

  If you missed these beautiful cherry blossoms this year, make sure to come next spring!!


Mar 24, 2013

Beppu Today, 2013 March 23rd. Rakutenchi

 Today, I went on an outing for cherry blossom viewing to Rakutenchi that is an amusement park and known for the magnificent cherry trees in Beppu.

Amusement rides were attractive for small kids.

The park is on the hill and the scenery of Beppu was beautiful.

From the entrance, a cable car takes you to the park.
The line is single-track so your cable car and another car that comes down pass each other at the middle of the track.


Mar 23, 2013

Best shot from a Visitor from the US

  A visitor from the USA sent the beautiful pictures this morning. The comments under the pictures are from her.
  The pictures were taken in some Jigoku and from Yukemuri viewing deck.
  We are very glad that she enjoyed Beppu and its beautiful spring scenery.
  Thank you very much and please come back again.

 <at Umi Jigoku>

City of BEPPU   I think I am in Heaven

Spring in Beppu
Beppu is so beautiful

<at Chinoike Jigoku> 

Beppu is so FABULOUS!!!
Santa Monica , California Visitor

Nice Rest !!!

<at Tatsumaki Jigoku>

<From Uukemiru Viewing deck>



Mar 22, 2013

Beppu Today, 2013 March 21st, Palm tree

   Just before I wrote about JR stations in Beppu city, JR Beppu Daigaku station, Kamegawa JR station and Higashi Beppu JR station. At that time, I got to know that there were palm tress near the stations.
   Palm trees don't grow naturally here, so they make Beppu exotic and attractive for tourists, I think.

  <Near Kamegawa JR station>

<Near Higashi Beppu JR station>

<Shoningahama park near JR Beppu Daigaku Station>  


Mar 20, 2013

Beppu Today, 2013 March 19th, Cherry blossoms

 Cherry trees (SAKURA in Japanese) are now in bloom here.
I walked in the city this morning and visited three places to see cherry trees.

<Honganji temple>
 It's near TOKIWA department store.
There was only one cherry tree.
Flowers were in full bloom.
The scene of cherry flowers and  temple gate behind the tree made me relax.

<Minami Tateishi Park>
  In this park, I found three kinds of cherry trees.

    - Someiyoshino, the most common cherry trees in Japan.
       About a half (or a little less) of flowers are in bloom.
       There were kindergarten children with colorful smocks and caps.
       It seemed they were enjoying cherry-blossom viewing.

   - Shidare zakura (weeping cherry)

  - Hikanzakura (bell shaped blossom)

<Beppu Park>

      The cherry flowers in Beppu park have just started blooming in the the pictures below.
     You will see beautiful flowers at the end of this week.


Mar 18, 2013

Beppu Today, 2013 Mar. 16th, Higashi Beppu JR Station

 Today, I visited Higashi Beppu JR Station.
As I wrote before, there are four JR stations in Beppu citiy and I have already shown three of them in this blog.
                                     Beppu Station
                                     Beppu daigaku Station
                                     Kamegawa Station.

And this is for the last one, Higashi Beppu JR station.
The station building is an old wooden flat building with a hipped roof and appointed as Beppu Cultural Asset.

Front view of the station

Chairs for waiting the train outside of the building

The entrance of the building

A cealing lamp.

The ceiling.

The sign, it shows the name of the station "Higashi Beppu."

This is also the sign of the name of the station "Higashi Beppu."