Mar 18, 2013

Beppu Today, 2013 Mar. 16th, Higashi Beppu JR Station

 Today, I visited Higashi Beppu JR Station.
As I wrote before, there are four JR stations in Beppu citiy and I have already shown three of them in this blog.
                                     Beppu Station
                                     Beppu daigaku Station
                                     Kamegawa Station.

And this is for the last one, Higashi Beppu JR station.
The station building is an old wooden flat building with a hipped roof and appointed as Beppu Cultural Asset.

Front view of the station

Chairs for waiting the train outside of the building

The entrance of the building

A cealing lamp.

The ceiling.

The sign, it shows the name of the station "Higashi Beppu."

This is also the sign of the name of the station "Higashi Beppu."