Mar 20, 2013

Beppu Today, 2013 March 19th, Cherry blossoms

 Cherry trees (SAKURA in Japanese) are now in bloom here.
I walked in the city this morning and visited three places to see cherry trees.

<Honganji temple>
 It's near TOKIWA department store.
There was only one cherry tree.
Flowers were in full bloom.
The scene of cherry flowers and  temple gate behind the tree made me relax.

<Minami Tateishi Park>
  In this park, I found three kinds of cherry trees.

    - Someiyoshino, the most common cherry trees in Japan.
       About a half (or a little less) of flowers are in bloom.
       There were kindergarten children with colorful smocks and caps.
       It seemed they were enjoying cherry-blossom viewing.

   - Shidare zakura (weeping cherry)

  - Hikanzakura (bell shaped blossom)

<Beppu Park>

      The cherry flowers in Beppu park have just started blooming in the the pictures below.
     You will see beautiful flowers at the end of this week.