Beppu SGG club (former SOS office) was founded in 1986 by the members of "Innovation of global city Beppu".
At first, they did the cleanup activity around JR Beppu station. At the same time, nine members tried to guide foreign tourists in English at JR Beppu station as a part of their activities. Only a month try, approximately 300 visitors received information printed in English.

Fortunately they had a chance to report this experience officially to the city officers and some tourism related organizations. It prompted the city government and tourism industry's interest.
In fact, 3 weeks later, former Beppu city mayor, Wakiya promised to support their activities by providing an office with telephone.



Phase 1

-July 20, 1984: Inauguration ceremony of a "Innovation of global city Beppu"
-November, 1984: Beppu guide map was published in English.
-September, 1985: Questionnaire survey of Beppu foreign tourist
-April, 1986:Volunteer guide at Tourist Information Office at JR Beppu station
-September 1, 1986: "SOS" was opened at former Kita elementary school. / Sponsored by Beppu city
-September, 1987: 25,000 of English version guide maps were published and started to distribute to foreign visitors.

Phase 2

-June, 1988: SOS Office moved to "Furosen", a community center in Chuoh-machi
-October, 1989: SOS Supporters Association was started to help fund-raising
-December, 1993: Received a recognition by Japan National Tourist Organization for SOS' s interpretation activities
-October, 1995: Received a recognition with funding aid by Soroptimist Japan for SOS's contribution

Phase 3

-November, 1996: Recognition by Oita-pref. Governor for "SOS"'s international exchange volunteer activities
-February, 1997: A copy machine was donated by Beppu Corporation Association
-May, 1998: Recognition by the Kyushu Chapter of Japan Tourism Association for "SOS"'s contribution to tourism
-March 30, 1999: Office moved to JR Beppu station
-April 1, 1999:  SOS changed its name to "Beppu SGG"(Systematized Goodwill Guides Club), and opened "FOREIGN TOURIST INFORMATION OFFICE" as it's field office
  Recognition by the mayor of Beppu city for Beppu SGG's contribution to the growth of Beppu tourism
-May 1, 1999: Original "FTIO" home page opened