About Us

Beppu Foreign Tourist Information Office (FTIO) is a non-profit organization under Beppu Tourist Association.

FTIO has been managed by "Beppu SGG club", a volunteer group which helps foreign visitors travel in Beppu, for 24 years.

Our offices are located in JR Beppu station, Kitahama and Kannawa.

We provide a variety of information (accommodations, itineraries, maps, brochures, bus schedules, etc.) for foreign tourists in Beppu and its surrounding areas. Some twenty thousands tourists and local foreign people come to visit our offices throughout the year.

We generally speak English to communicate with foreign tourists. Yet some of our staffs can speak Korean as well as English. Free Internet service is available at Plaza in Kitahama office. 

Kannawa office opened in April, 2010. Free Internet access is available here, too.

All of us are ready to help you explore Beppu and the surrounding areas all through the year.