Jun 30, 2013

Kannawa Mushiyu (Steam Bath)

"Kannawa Mushiyu" is a Japanese style sauna run by the city of Beppu. It is located at Kannawa Onsen area 20-minute bus ride away from Beppu station. No other hot spring areas in Japan have such a unique spa.  

"Mushiyu" house 

Buy tickets for bathing and renting a yukata at this ticketing machine.
(You don't need to rent a yukata if you bring your own T-shirt and pants.) 
After buying tickets,  go to the reception counter.

Rinse your body first in this bath and wear a rental yukata before taking Mushiyu.  

Door to Mushiyu

The temperature of the steam is 70-80 degrees in Mushiyu. Lie down on 'sekisho' , the herb grass, spread over the floor in the stone room. 
The steam will make your entire body sweat in 8 to 10 minutes.
After Mushiyu, take an ordinary hot spring bath to relax your body and soul.

※ Don't forget to drink some water before and after taking Mushiyu.
※ You are not allowed to take Mushiyu under the following conditions:
                 2)High Blood Pressure  
                 3)Heart Trouble
                 4)Hardening of the Arteries  


Jun 25, 2013

Gallery shop in Fujiya Gallery Hanayamomo

Fujiya Gallery Hanayamomo is one of the historic buildings in Kannawa. It is designated as a tangible cultural asset and worth visiting. Special events are occasionally held there.

A gallery shop with a small cafe is newly open there.  Gift items including simple tableware, fruits jams steamed at low temperature are sold at the cafe.


Having a coffee break while looking at the beautiful Japanese garden makes you feel relaxed and peaceful. 
   ● Shop hours : from 10a.m. to 5p.m.
   ● Closed on Monday and Tuesday

 Free Kannawa walking map is available at FTIO Kannawa office.


Jun 19, 2013

Beppu Hatto Walk(5) Yamanote Nostalgic Walk

Yamanote is the district spreading over the east of Beppu Onsen area, one of the Beppu Hatto (8 major hot spring areas of Beppu). This area was developed as summer resort. A number of good, old architectures remain everywhere in the town. That's why it was once said "Karuizawa (a famous summer resort area for Tokyoites) in Kyushu". You can feel the nostalgic air in there. This walk starts at 10:00 a.m. on every Sunday.
"Global Tower" (7-minute bus ride from JR Beppu station.)   

The panoramic view of Beppu city from the top of the tower.

Kyoto University geothermal power research (just next door to the tower)
A poster of "Beppu Argerich Music Festival". World famous pianist Martha Argerich has been the General Director of the Festival since 1996.
 B-con Plaza (Beppu Convention Center); Main site of the festival held in  May every year.    
Monument dedicated to Mr. Aburaya Kumahach, the founder of Beppu tourism.
 A photo of Mr. Aburaya Kumahachi    

Beppu park; the oasis of Beppu citizens near JR Beppu station

"Sato Kei"is a poet and painter (1918~1960). His works are on display.

The house built in 1929 by Mr. Takahashi who was VIP in Oita pref.
All the sophisticated furniture in the room will be attractive to you.
It is appointed as a "National Registered Tangible Cultural Property".
Beautiful Japanese garden; a cup of coffee is served here at the cafe.
 Dango-jiru, a typical local food of Oita-pref, or
sandwiches is available for lunch.