Jun 12, 2013

Yukata trial fitting

A yukata is the kimono made of light cotton and mainly worn at summer events held outside, such as fireworks displays and bon-odori festivals. A yukata is also used as a pajama at Japanese inns ryokan after taking a bath.

A kimono shop, Murakami located near JR Beppu station offers yukata dressing service. They rent an attractive yukata to you and help you to dress it. In addition, they provide an opportunity to take a stroll through the downtown with the yukata for you.
  • Yukata dressing service:   ¥1,500
  • If you would like to stroll around for two hours, you need to pay another ¥500.

You can also purchase a colorful yukata at a reasonable price (¥5,250).  

Please ask FTIO offices about the business hours or availability of the dressing service.