Apr 17, 2012

Lake Shidaka

About 1000 cherry trees are now in full bloom around Lake Shidaka. It is a small lake with 2 kms around, which belongs to Aso-Kuju national park and located 600 meters above sea level.

Many people enjoy camping, BBQ, boat riding or walking while viewing the cherry blossoms in this time of the year.

Lake Shidaka affords the beautiful scenery all year round. Poppies are coming into bloom after the cherry blossoms.

It takes 30 minutes by local bus from JR Beppu station to get the lake. You can get the further information at FTIO counter in the station. (AW)

Apr 1, 2012

The 98th Beppu Hatto ONSEN Festival (2012)

 'Beppu Hatto ONSEN Festival' , one of the most popular local festivals in Beppu, took place from March 30th to April 3rd.

Major events were;

The 'Mikoshi' parade : Sunday, April 1st,
Admission FREE for 100 public hot springs : April 1st to 3rd
Mt. Ogi Fire Festival (Field burning) : April 2nd.