Mar 14, 2013

Beppu Today, 2013 Mar 12th, Kamegawa JR Station

  As I wrote before, there are four JR stations in Beppu city, one of them is Kamegawa JR Station.
It is the second station from Beppu JR station.
Some express trains (not all of them) stop at this station (please ask Ticket Reservation office in Beppu station for detailed information).
If you take a local train from Beppu JR station to Kamegawa JR station, it takes 6 or 7 minutes.

  I show you the way to Tatsumaki Jigoku and Chinoike Jigoku from Kamegawa JR station (2km),
And then Sibaseki Onsen that is around 12 minutes walk from Chinoike Jigoku.

<From Kamegawa JR sation to Tatsumaki Jigoku and Chinoike Jigoku>
  Go out Kamegawa station and turn right.

Kamegawa JR stattion
Walk about 300 m,  you will see a convenience store "LAWSON" on your right and then a 3-way intersection.
  Turn right following the blue arrow in the picture below and cross the railroad cross.
                          (if you follow the yellow arrow in the picture below,
                            you will go to Kamegawa shopping area.)

   The picture below is the second signarized intersection from the railroad cross.
You are now at the halfway point. The road begins to ascend.

   The building of Tatsumaki Jigoku is like this in the picture below.

  Chinoike Jigoku is located next to Tatsumaki Jigoku.
The picture below is taken in Chinoike Jigoku.

   <Shibaseki Onsen>

  When you walk 9 minutes from Chinoike Jigoku, there is a sign "Shibaseki Onsen" on your right.
So, turn right.

 Walk about 3 minutes on the road in the picture below,

  You will arrive at Shibaseki Onsen.