Mar 11, 2013

Beppu Today, 2013 Mar 10th, JR Beppu Daigaku Station

There are four JR stations in Beppu city, Kamegawa Station, Beppu Daigaku Station, Beppu Station and Higashi Beppu Station.
 Today, I walked from Beppu Daigaku Station (or Beppu University Station) to Beppu International port, and then to Kannawa.

<Beppu Daigaku Station >
  Beppu Daigaku Station is the next station after Beppu station (it takes 4 minutes).
Only local trains stop at Beppu Daigaku Eki.

Beppu Daigaku Eki

 There is a road in front of the station and if you walk down the road, you will go to Beppu Bay and Beppu International port .
 If you walk up, you will go to Kannawa.

<To Beppu Bay>

   When you go down the street from Beppu Daigaku Eki, you will come to the intersection that meets route 10 within a minute.
Crossing route 10, there is Beppu Museum in front of you.
When you turn right and walk on the side walk, you will find the sign of Kaihin Sunayu Sand Bath very soon.
The information of both sites were posted before.

The intersection

The sign of Beppu Kaihin Sunayu Sand Bath
And Shoningahama park comes in your sight on your left soon. 
You can walk in the park toward Beppu International port.

At the end of the park, there is a bridge and you will see the facilities of the port.

After 13 minutes from Beppu Daigaku Eki, I arrived at the ferry sunflower terminal.

<To Kannawa from Beppu Daigaku Eki>

  If you don't mind walking for 30 to 40 minutes to go the Kannawa, I will show you the pictures on the route to Kannawa that would be helpful for you.  Please walk paying attention to cars.
  You get out of the station, there is a railroad crossing on your right.

Railroad crossing
 In 8 minutes (I walked slowly), there is a intersection.
Go straight.

And you will see the gate of Beppu University on your left. (about 900m from Beppu Daigaku Station)

 Passing in front of the Bappu University,  there is an intersection and you turn to the left (the blue arrow in the picture).

Soon you will fine Oita Fragrance Museum on your left.

Oita Fragrance Museum

About 5 minutes from the Fragrance Museum, the road splits into three directions.
Take the middle road, which will lead you to Kannawa (show in the photo below by the  blue arrow).

                      If you turn right (like the red arrow in the photo below), 
                       you will go to "Vista-Hot Spring Steam (or Yukemuri Observation Deck)."

This sign is the one that is
at the upper right in the
picture shown left that direct you
to ..

Soon you will cross a small bridge shown in the picture below.
And you follow the side way with cleam color for a while.

A park will be on your left soon.

About 6 minutes walk from the park, you will get to the entrance of Ideyuzaka Street.
It is about 2km from Beppu Daigaku Eki to here.