Sep 24, 2012

Kannawa Walking Map

Kannawa is one of the most popular tourist spots in Beppu. It offers you a lot of attractions such as the hell tour, a hot spring (Onsen) bathing , "Jigoku Mushi (cooked by onsen steam)" food, etc.
Kannawa has been popular for its Onsen for long time. There are still many old Toji Ryokan (inns for hot spring therapy).  They induce the nostalgia of days gone by in Beppu.
Walking maps are available at Beppu Foreign Tourist Information Kannawa Office . 
Walking Map
The map shows two model routes, "Historical alley route" and "Misty smoke of hot spring steam route."
Each takes around 30 minutes.
The photos below are the spots shown on the map and what you will see in the area.
The captions of these photos are printed in the map.

1) Onsenzan Eifukuji Temple

2) Remains of falling down hot spring

3) Remains of old mushiyu

4) Former Fujiya Ryokan (inn)

5) Jigokumushi steamers

6) Viewing park

7) Stone pavement and stonewall made of Beppu stone.

8) Remains of Washing Place



9) Miharashizaka (Viewing slope)

11) Yumetake

12) Jigoku
13) Furumoto alley