Mar 5, 2011

FTIO Board Members

Profiles of the board members (as of April, 2011)

Fusho Yamamoto, Chairperson

 -One of founders of Beppu SOS Club, the former FTIO
 -Current Job: President of Futaba Printing Company
 -Motto: For the foreign toursits, for the city of Beppu
 -Hobby: Photography
 -My Good Point:Unselfish & free from avarice
 -Year Joined FTIO: 1986

Mr. Hidejiro Miyatake, General Manager
  -Current Job: Arbitrator
 -Former Job: Fulltime auditor of Oita Mirai Shinkin Bank
 -Motto: To have great presence in the shade.
 -Hobby: Listening to classical music Watching movies on DVD ---"Kim Novak, a gorgeous movie actress, is all-time classic for me."
 -My Good Point: Not to advertise myself. ---"It all should be left in the hands of others how to evaluate me."
 -Year Joined FTIO: February, 2005

 Mrs. Kyoko Inazumi, Asst. General Manager
 -Current Job: House wife
 -Former Job: English teacher of a jr. high school
 -Motto: Que sera sera.
  (Whatever will be, will be.)
  Tabel tennis Reading books Watching movies
 -My Good Point:To try to be active everyday to avoid being idle by my nature.
 -Year Joined FTIO: April, 2002

Mr. Kuni Kumamoto, Asst. General Manager

 -Current Job: Tourism Advisor (Freelancer)
 -Former Job: 35 year experience in a Japanese travel agency
 -Motto: Love God and neighbors
 -Hobby: Singing in chorus Playing golf Listening and singing gospel songs and country music Reading books Watching MLB games on TV
 -My Good Point: Fairness
 -Year Joined FTIO: August, 2007