Dec 15, 2011

Series-"Onsen Town Beppu is Ready to Welcome You."

When you plan to trip to Japan, we recommend you to include Beppu in your itinerary. Because Beppu has a lot of things to satisfy the full sense of tourists. We are presenting a series of topics on the tourism Beppu.

Part 1 : Onsen = Hot spring
Japanese people like to take bath everyday in the bath tub with full of water to ease their fatigue of the day. Beppu is the mecca of Onsen for such Japanese bath lovers. People in Beppu can relax in a local Onsens with rich minerals in a walking distance almost every day.

Fee for each municipal Onsen in Beppu is only 100 yen.
In today’s thin human relation society, it is a pleasure for local people to greet and chat with others in Onsen bath.

Many tourists from other parts of Japan and overseas may enjoy the same way of bathing in the municipal Onsen mingling with local people. On the other hand, Beppu has a lot of upscale Onsens with various types of Onsen in one building for the tourists to enjoy them easily. Also, you can experience unique Onsens such as mud bath (“doroyu”), sand bath (“sunayu”, steam bath (“mushiyu”) and popular open-air bath (“rotenburo”). Fee range for them is from 200 yen to 2,000 yen. (K.I. & K.K.)