Jan 23, 2012

The Seven Gods of Good Fortune (Beppu Ropeway)

'Shichi Fuku Jin' are the seven gods of good fortune which bring people good luck. It came out from syncretization of Shinto with Buddhism.'Shichi' means 'seven', 'Fuku' means 'good luck' and 'Jin' means 'god' in Japanese.

One of them, 'Daikokuten', who put his foot on bags of rice with a lucky hammer and a big sack in his hands is the god of success in business and matchmaking.

Another one, 'Fukurokujyu', who has an abnormally high forehead is the god of happiness, wealth and longevity.

There are many places that have Shichi Fuku Jin statues in Japan, even on Mt. Tsurumi located in the Aso-Kujyu National Park.
You can walk along the trail toward the top of Mt. Tsurumi from the mountaintop station to visit them while enjoying the seasonal landscape.

It takes 20 minutes by local bus from Beppu station to the foot of Mt. Tsurumi and 10 minutes by ropeway to get the mountaintop station.