Jun 5, 2012

How to ride buses in Beppu

Taking a local bus is the easiest way to move from place to place in Beppu.There are two kinds of bus. The blue ones are run by Kamenoi Bus Company and the red by Oita Kotsu Company.

Kamenoi Bus bus stop

The way to use local buses in Beppu is shown below. It might slightly differ from on cities in Japan.

1. Get on a bus from the middle door of the bus.

When you ride buses in Beppu, be sure to have coins prepared to pay for your fare. 1,000yen bills can be changed using the machine to the driver’s left.

2. Take a ticket from the small box at the entrance.

The number on the ticket indicates which bus stop you got on the bus.

3.Have a seat if there are any unoccupied seats. Be careful not to use priority seats, which are reserved for seniors and disabled people.

4. When you are approaching the bus stop where you want to get off, push the button on the wall between windows to notify the driver of your intention.

5. Check the bus fare on the electronic display board above the front windows.

6.Insert the money into the fare box which is the next to the driver when you get off the bus.

If you have a plan to move here and there in Beppu or to take a day trip from Beppu to Yufuin, we recommend you to buy a One-day-pass ticket. Kamenoi Bus Company offers the Mini-free-ticket which you can use in Beppu and the Wide-free-ticket which you can also use to go to Yufuin.

adult : 900yen/day   student: 700yen/day   child: 450yen/day
adult: 1,600yen/day    child: 800yen/day

It makes bus ride easier and saves you money. You can buy these tickets at FTIO in JR Beppu station and most Kamenoi Bus Centers in Beppu.
If you use a daily bus pass, you can skip No2, 5, 6 steps. Simply show your pass to the driver when you get off the bus.(AW)