Nov 14, 2012

Global Tower in Beppu

  Global Tower is a symbol of the convention facility, “B-Con Plaza.”
  The tower is 125m high so the views of it from different places with different objects at different times are attractive.

B-Con Plaza and Global Tower
B-Con Plaza and Global Tower
from Fujimi street

The view of B-Con Plaza
from Beppu Park 

from directly below

    The height of the observation deck is 100m.
A 360-degree view of Beppu is enjoyable.

Observation deck
The ceiling is open
Fujimi St. and Beppu Park

Beppu bay and Mt. Takasaki

The ferry at the center of photo
docks at Beppu International port 
View of mountain side.
Mt. Tsurumi and Mt. Ohgi
can be seen.

   <Access> 20 minutes on foot from Beppu station west exit, walking through Beppu park.
Kamenoi Bus is also available from Beppu station west exit, taking bus No 3 and getting off at Bcon Plaza.
   <  Open    >   9:00 -  21:00    (from March to November)
                          9:00 - 19:00    (from December to February)

   < Admission >  Adults  :  300 yen
                        Children :  200 yen


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   Just for your information about the place near the tower, there are a Sushi restaurant and a shopping mall.
   The restaurant is a Kaiten zushi style.
   In the Shopping mall, there are a 100 yen shop, a fresh food super market, a second-hand shop, a clothing shop for kids, a barbershop and a bakery.

a Sushi restaurant

a Shopping mall