Jan 21, 2013

Beppu Today, 2013 Jan 19th Kannawa MIYUKIZAKA St.

  Getting off the bus at Kamenoi Bus stop Kannawa and walking up MIYUKI ZAKA St. will take you to Jigoku (hells).
  Or walking down IDEYUZAKA St., there are Jigokumushi Kobo (steam cooking facility), Onsen and old Toji Ryokan (inn for hot spring therapy).

   Today, I walked up MIYUKIZAKA St. first and then walked down IDEYUZAKA St. to take pictures.

1)  MIYUKIZAKA Street.

Started to walk up MIYUKIZAKA St.

Soon you will find Siraike Jigoku
on your left.

Shiraike Jigoku or the white pond hell.
Milky water was mysteriously beautiful.
The steam sometimes cover the surface
of the pond was fantastical.

When you go out Shiraiki Jigoku,
there are some small shops for food, 
sweets, souvenirs and etc.
There are eggs, potatoes, corn and etc.
cooked by Onsen steam.
Oniyama Jigoku.
It is famous for breeding a large
number of crocodiles.
In Oniyama Jigoku,
there was a pond, the temperature of
water was about 98 deg C and the water
was really boiling. It really impressed
me a lot.
You cross the bur route,
there is Kamado Jigoku ahead of you.
At the entrance of Kamado Jigoku,
there is a large Kamado (cooking pot).

The symbol of Kamado Jigoku.
Oni (devil) is on the big Kamado.

The foot bath in Kamado Jigoku is
very popular with the tourists.

Mt. Ohgiyama and Mt. Tsurumi
can be seen from the parking lot.
Between Kamado Jigoku and
Yamaa Jigoku, there is Juhman Jigoku Park

Yamajigoku Entrance,

Yama Jigoku.
Banana in the green house
heated by Onsen water.
Yama Jigoku.
Yama means mountains.
Steam comes out from among
the small rocks.

Umi Jigoku.
Japanese garden is beautiful.
The blue pond that looks like a sea.
So, this is called Umi Jigoku.

Oniishi Bohzu Jigoku:
Bohzu means the shaven heads of monk.
The photo is the boiling mud
that looks like Bohzu.
The foot bath in Oniishi
Bohzu Jigoku.

 On the map at the top of this page, Oniishi Bohzu Jigoku was the last one I planed to visit today.
I walked down MIYUKIZAKA St. and returned to  Kamnoi Bus Stop Kannawa  that took ten minutes.
 I will show you other photos that were taken on IDEYUZAKA St. in the next blog.