Jan 22, 2013

Beppu Today, 2013 Jan 19th Kannawa IDEYUZAKA St.

This is a continuation of  "MIYUKI ZAKA St."

The map below is shown again.
This time, I show you the photos taken on the IDEYUZAKA street.

Kamenoi Bus Stop and the gate of IDEYUZAKA street.
I wend down IDEYUZAKA street.

Just after I went through the gate,
there was Shonin yu (Onsen) on my right
Steamed Dish Kitchen (or Jigokumushi Kobo Kannawa).
In Kannawa, it is said that people started to cook using the steam before Edo period.
The way of cooking is very unique and healthy.
Many people come here to try it.
In the facility, there is our information center and provide you how to cook, of course,
and the tourist information around here.

There were steam cookers.
In the upper right of the photo, I hope you can see the hands
taking out the food from the steam cooker.
This facility is a "do-it-yourself restaurant."
Of course, it is easy, what you will do are to put food ingredients into the
steam cooker and take out and eat.
When you finish, you will clean.
A member of staff will tell you how to do it.
This "experience" attracts many tourists including ones from
foreign countries.
In the site of Steamed Dish Kitchen,
There is a cooling device monument that cools
hot Onsen water to appropriate temperature.
The cooled water is provided to the foot bath
that is located just next to the Kitchen.
A spring water drinking fountain.
The temperature of water is 98deg C.
Take care !

Behind the Steamed dish kitchen, 
there is another cooling water device.
It is made of bamboo. 
Foot bath and steam foot bath.

Inside the Foot bath and steam foot bath.
Inside the Foot bath and steam foot bath.

Downing the IDEYUZAKA and there is Shibunoyu
Onsen on your left.
Getting sidetracked to the left at the corner of
Shibnoyu, there was  Kannawa mushiyu (steam bath).

Kannawa mushiyu.

In front of Kannawa mushiyu,
there was another foot steam bath

Returned to IDEYUZAKA and went down the street.
The theater was on my right.
Jigokubaru Onsen was on my right.
The stone path finished at the end of IDEYUZAKA.