Feb 25, 2013

Beppu Today, 2013 Feb. 22nd, Trains between Beppu and other cities

  For the people who like railways, moving by train is one of the enjoyable elements of trip.
I think it is widely known that Japanese railways boast their punctuality.
And they are also safe, clean and fast.
Today, I took pictures of trains in Beppu JR station, that connect Beppu with other cities.

<Express Yufuin no mori>
 This train links Beppu an Hakata via Yufuin.
 (Please ask JR information office for detailed information)
 The JR website describes this train as "European Classical Express with Panaromatic Lounges."

<Trans Kyushu Limited Express>
 This train runs between Beppu and Hitoyoshi via Oita and kumamoro.
  (caution: Due to heavy rain in July in 2012, this train services have been suspended between
   Bungo-Takeda and Miyaji. So, please ask JR information office about the updated information)

  This is the limited express train service between Hakata and Oita via Kokura and Beppu.

   - White Sonic

   - Blue Sonic