Feb 23, 2013

Souvenir shop at Beppu Ropeway

The Kintetsu Beppu Ropeway is the line climbs Mt. Tsurumi.

There is a souvenir shop near the station on the foot of the mountain, the name of it is "Kyushu Shochu kan."

(Shochu is a clear liquor distilled from sweet potato, rice, buckwheat, etc)

You will find very Japanese items besides Shochu in the shop, some of them are made in Ohita.

The prices are reasonable, some of small items are around 500 yen. 


The exterior of the shop
Japanese traditional wooden clogs

Ontayaki pottery.

The way of making Ontayaki pottery is appointed
important intangible cultural heritage.

Boxwood work.
It is made in Beppu.