Dec 12, 2012

Beppu Today on Dec. 10th, a cold morning.

 The weather had changed completely from yesterday and it was sunny today.
On the way to Kannawa, Mt. Tsurumidake was slightly covered with snow and the air flew down from it was chilly.

Mt Tsurumidake center and Mr Ohgiyama front.

Mt Tsurumidake and camellia flowers.
From this time of year to the end of March,
it is the season for camellia flowers.
You can see the flowers in the parks
 and  the hedges in the street.

  In Kannawa, I took some pictures of Yukemuri (or you have already know, "misty smoke of hot springs").
Yukemuri scenery is familiar to me but every time I see them I feel a mysterious sense or a wonderful power of nature.