Dec 13, 2012

Beppu Today on Dec 12th, Beppu Municipal Museum

  I visited Beppu Municipal Museum this morning.
It is a seaside museum with a line of pine trees behind the building.

Beppu Bay seen through the pine tree branches.

The front view of the museum.
Camellias were blooming by the entrance.

The sign says,
Japanese Paintings, Western Paintings, Bamboo Crafts and
Important Cultural Assets Designated by Oita Prefecture,
Replicas, Documents and Photographs related to Hot Springs.

Beppu bay is seen from the Lobby
IRORI (or a fire place) and Tatami room
were featured in the Lobby.
  There were seven exhibition rooms for Western style paintings/sculptures, Beppu modern paintings, the excellent works of THE BEPPU ASIA BIENNALE OF CONTEMPORARY ART,
Japanese style paintings, the works by the local artists, and manga features Beppu and bamboo crafts.
All works were wonderful.

  There were also many photos that were taken several decades ago in Beppu.
The old utensils, agricultural instruments and the tools for extinguishing fire that were used by the local people made me travel back in time.

   Beppu Municipal Museum opens from 9AM to 4PM (please enter by 3:30).
It closes on Mondays.

   Next to the museum, there is a famous sand bath.

The entrance of the sand bath

The big sign of the sand bath