Dec 11, 2012

Beppu Today on Dec 9th, Kannawa and a Concert

  It sleeted this morning. When I got up, the temperature in an unheated room of my house was 5 deg C.  The idea came to me was that I wanted to see Yukemuri (misty smoke of hot springs) in Kanawa from the observation deck , because Yukemuri is remarkable and beautiful on a cold day.
  The air was cold and clean and Yukemuri was seen clearly.
  The mountains were lightly dusted by snow.

   In the afternoon, I attended Beppu citizen orchestra concert at B-ConPlaza.
The orchestra that was founded in 1995 consists of musicians who are mainly living in Beppu.


Audience waiting for the concert to start

     The program featured short pieces by Tchaikovsky, Mendelssohn, Mozart, Verdi and etc.
Live music fascinated the audience. We are looking forward to the next concert of next year.
    It was a good day today.