Oct 9, 2012

Beppu International port (Beppu Kokusai Kankoko) and around it

  Beppu Kankoko extends 1Km south to north along Route 10.
It is situated about  3 Km north of Beppu downtown.
  (3.6 Km from Beppu JR station)

  There are two ferry terminals.
One is  Ferry Sunflower between Beppu and Osaka.
The other is Uwajima Unyu Ferry between Beppu and Yahatahama.
They are about 600 meters away from each other.

  The photos shown below are taken at Beppu Kankoko.

Sunflower in harbor

Taken from a crossing bridge over Route 10

Beppu bay

A monument in the shape of Anchor

A small partk

<Ferry Sunflower terminal>    ● Ferry Sunflower

Below is a photo of Ferry Sunflower terminal building.

Ferry Sunflower terminal

 Go out the Ferry sunflower terminal building, there is a bus stop on your left,
the name of the bus stop is "Kansaikisen Mae."
(indicated by the red sphere on the photo below)

Kamenoi Buses ( Bus Number 16, 16A and 20 ) take you to
the bus stop "Beppu Kitahama (Beppu downtown)" and "Beppu Eki (Beppu JR Station)."

      From "Kansaikisen Mae" to "Beppu Kitahama", it takes about  9 minutes
      From "Kansaikisen Mae" to "Beppu JR Station", it takes about 12 minutes.

The bus stop " Kansaikisen Mae"

Oita Kotsu Buses are also available for you.

<Uwajima Unyu Ferry terminal>  ● Uwajima Unyu Ferry (in Japanese)

 Below is a photo of Uwajima Unyu Ferry terminal building.

Uwajima Unyu Ferry terminal

Go out the Uwajima Unyu Ferry terminal building, you will see Beppu Kotsu Center building, the photo below.

Beppu Kotsu Center

There are two bus stops on both sides of Beppu Kotsu Center building.
The name of the both bus stops is "Beppu Kotsu Center."
If you go to Beppu Kitahama or Beppu JR Station, take buses from the bus stop
at the other side (mountain side) of the building, not this side (facing Beppu bay).

Bus stop " Beppu Kotsu Center "

Kamenoi Buses ( Bus Number 16, 16A, 20 ) take you to
the bus stop "Beppu Kitahama (Beppu downtown)" and "Beppu Eki (Beppu JR Station)."

      From "Beppu Kotsu Center " to "Beppu Kitahama", it takes about  8 minutes
      From "Beppu Kotsu Center " to "Beppu JR Station", it takes about 11 minutes.

Oita Kotsu Buses are also available for you.

<On the stretch of both sides of Route 10>

  Route 10 that runs side by side with Beppu Kankoko is a few minutes' walk from
the ferry terminals.


The sidewalk 

When you walk from Ferry Sunflower terminal toward Beppu
downtown on the side way of Route 10 about 1.5 kilometers,
there are restaurants, stores, a post office and etc. that are
convenient for you, such as.
  - Restaurants    :   Ramen noodle shops
                              Udon noodle shop
                               Japanese restaurant
                              Tonkatsu (fried pork cutlets) restaurants
                              Gyoza (Chinese meat dumpling) house
                              Curry house , etc.

                                     - Bakery
                                     - Cafe
                                     - Convenience store
                                     - Bookstore
                                     - Hundred-yen shop
                                     - Game center ( or video arcade )
                                     - Recycle shop( or second-hand shop)
                                     - Post office

Post office

                                      - Supermarket that opens 24 hours